84pixelz strongly believes in keeping customer information confidential. This policy outlines privacy practices that ensure information security, collected and stored about the user through our website, applications, campaigns and business dealings.

Collecting personal information

The 84pixelz website is generally accessible for all in a secure manner. However, the company may collect certain information to allow for a better user experience:
• Information that you provide with your consent on events like, at the time of registration, subscription and
approaching 84pixelzfor business related dealings.
• We use technologies and tools that help in anonymously identifying your computer or device. This may
include technical information such as operating system, IP address and operating system details. This
information helps us in customizing and optimizing a user’s visit experience.

All the information collected through different measures is then utilized to provide better usability, troubleshooting and site maintenance.

• The information is also useful for creating a user ID and to deliver tailor-made services to the customers.
• 84pixelzkeeps personal information of the customer for a certain period of time.
• All the information and transactions made between the server and the mobile are secure, providing better
access control and restricting direct public access to sensitive information.
• The company will keep and process data for a certain period of time for business reasons.
• Physical, electronic and managerial procedures are placed in practice to prevent catastrophic cyber-attacks
and data breaches.
• You can request to see your personal information at any time.

Sharing of information

Within the limits of law and ethics, 84pixelzreserves the right to share your information in the following cases:
• With your expressed consent.
• When it is required by law or law enforcement agencies.
• In case of mergers, acquisitions or liquidation of the company.

Protection of information

Here is the list of appropriate technical and organizational security measures that are aligned to protect information:
• Limited access to the production database at the network level.
• Limited access to the production database at the process/users level.
• Password policy for access to the production database.
• Data transfer encryption.
• WAF (Web Application Firewall).
• DDoS protection.
• PCI DSS best practices implementation.
• Logging of actions and log analysis.
• Antiviruses on admin workstations.

In the scenario that you are aware of a privacy breach in our systems and/or products in any form then please email us at hello@84pixelz.com. We will revert back to you within 72 hours (or 3 working days).


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