We begin with a discussion to analyze a brand, identify its audience and its competition in the market. The objective behind this is to reach the pivot and truly understand the motive behind the design


Once we have identified a brand’s marketing challenges and objectives, we begin the exploration of visual concepts and designs. Throughout the process, a continuous feedback is taken from the client.


After a client is fully satisfied with the design, we deliver it to them and help them launch over various platforms. We are always available in case if the client faces an issue or wants an improvement in the design.

84Pixelz is a digital creative agency

84Pixelz is a design firm with its headquarter in the UK. Despite having a very modest beginning when it was founded in 2015, it has grown dramatically, successfully completing more than 200 projects while keeping a global clientele of happy customers. At 84Pixelz, we firmly believe in client satisfaction and strive to deliver designs that live up to their standards. In the very competitive business world of today, our aim is to give the client a distinct competitive advantage.


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